Speak’, the latest single from PINES sees the duo shift up a gear with an irrefutable dance track that is both soulful and club-ready. Expanding the sonic universe of PINES, ‘Speak’ combines atmospheric synths, glitchy melodies and mesmerising vocals to create a late night vibe that can’t be denied. A driving four to the floor beat and dark, bassy undertones provide the foundation for this hypnotic gem, complementing the duo’s typically smooth sound to result in an anthem that’s sure to fill dance floors.

“This track began its life in a Sydney hotel room and even from it’s early rough days it’s always had a ‘vibe’. Almost hypnotic by nature, this is definitely a track primed for a 3am dance floor.”

– Adam

“Speak has been over a year in the making. From the outset we loved the dark nature of the bass line and the way that the melody and beat worked together. It’s been a long and challenging process to get it to where it is today but we couldn’t be prouder of the final result.”

– James

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Pines – Speak