Inspired by tales of the haunted, Notelle’s newest single “Beyond The Grave” is a dark spiritual about a tragic desire for another soul. The genre-shattering track weaves in influences of dark Appalachian melodies and lyrical content with bass house production and driving synths. Intricate rhythmic and meter changes flow effortlessly between sections, ultimately leading to filthy electronic sub drops – leaving a polarizing yet lasting impression on the audience.

This is the first single of Notelle’s newer, heavier and harder sound, straying away from traditional structures. Combining a love of folk music with a history in electronic music, “Beyond The Grave” is a beautiful yet surprisingly fearless foray into uncharted musical territory. Notelle provides insight on her inspiration, “I have always been attracted to folklore about tragic love and loss. There is something about a “haunting” that appeals to me.” Touching deeper into her concept, stating “The idea that your longing for someone else can become so ingrained into your soul, that when your body passes on, the severity of the love and the loss stays behind and lingers – that’s so unbelievably interesting. It’s become a piece of your being. It’s almost as if there is no separation between what you feel and who you are, no way to disassociate from someone else’s crippling desperation for you or your desire for them…even after you’re gone. How can such an intense connection with another soul NOT leave some type of divine mark? Just because desire isn’t tangible, doesn’t mean it can’t take on a life of its own – maybe it gets stuck in some tragic loop in the afterlife.”



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Notelle – Beyond the Grave