Following the success of his last hit “Half Life”, Lithuanian super DJ Jovani have announced his latest single “20 Seconds” currently available on all digital retailers.

“20 Seconds” is a slow burning anthem about the importance of acting in the heat of the moment. The track is crowned with an outstanding vocal performance by up and coming singer Jessica Shy.

“I really believe that losing out on love is the worst, when you’re feeling a connection to someone you need to take action!” says Jovani.

As part of the famous Dj duo Radistai, it’s safe to say that Jonas Nainys a.k.a Jovani have had big scoop of success. Since launching his solo brand “Jovani” in 2018, the Dj have seen his tracks go on to become chart topping hits with many millions of streams.



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Jovani – 20 sec (feat. Jessica Shy)