Cassius’s Hubert Blanc-Francard drops an epic electro-leaning remix of Fabrikate’s On and On under his Boombass alias.

*As played by Pete Tong on his Radio 1 show – 17 April*

Fabrikate are Francis and Chuck — two guys with similar tastes and interests digging into the past to uncover some long lost musical wisdom. Their devotion to this quest grants them laser focus, working like madmen to create bumping, neon-flecked sonic landscapes for their listeners to wander through.

Their recent album Made Me Feel blended both house music and disco influences into a sound that while heavily influenced by the sounds of the past, also manages to remain rooted in modern-day dancefloors, taking inspiration from the US, Europe and of course their native Canada. Now one of the stand-out cuts from the LP On and On has been reworked in predictably sublime fashion by Boombass.

Best known as one half of legendary electronic duo Cassius, Hubert Blanc-Francard aka Boombass turns On and On into a taut, electro-tinged bomb, with shuffling percussion and fierce stabs underpinning the huge, gospel vocal of the original.



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Fabrikate – On And On (Boombass Remix)