Indiana, the British singer, songwriter and social media provocateur, announces a new EP titled ‘I Like Drinking’, released via Audio Network on November 16. The title track, an uplifting pop anthem dedicated to the art of boozing, is lifted from Indiana’s current album ‘Not Girlfriend Material’, which was released in August. The music video for ‘I Like Drinking’ has been released alongside the EP. The EP also includes a remix by fast-rising UK producer Adam Turner, an acoustic version of the song, and a brand new track ‘Wasted On You’

Indiana said: “I was drinking heavily at the time of writing it and didn’t give a fuck what people thought. I genuinely like drinking. In fact, I love drinking and that’s OK as far as I’m concerned. There are millions out there that feel the same. It’s a song for them.”

Indiana’s album ‘Not Girlfriend Material’, like it’s creator, is sultry, heartfelt, eclectic and sometimes controversial. The album was recorded at a time of significant change in Indiana’s life – the end of a relationship and a moment of self discovery.

Entering the dating scene was a wake-up call. It never satisfied me…. guys are attracted to me, and want to f*ck me…. but in terms of continuing a relationship, they have issues with who I am, and why they were attracted to me in the first place.’

And so came the life-changing revelation: “I’m not girlfriend material, but I’m OK with it.”

The revelation became a life statement and since then, has become a mantra. Indiana has created a clothing line called ‘Sex Leisure’, which sells a range of tshirts bearing the slogan ‘Not Girlfriend Material’. In what has now become a signature look for the artist, an oversized tshirt coupled with sports socks and trainers, she says it is “a cute exterior but with a bit of filth.”

Having previously released an acclaimed album via Sony, since leaving the label Indiana has become a social media provocateur in her own right – her instagram account @indianathegirl has thousands of followers who signed up for her sultry yet artistic selfies, tongue-in-cheek commentary and controversial moments.


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Indiana – I Like Drinking