The summer is near, we can smell it right outside of our office. The days are extending to be longer and longer, warmer and warmer and we long time passed the moment when we went up to the attic and dug out the box with the flip-flops and beach trunks inside.
Our label buddy CROATIA SQUAD is a friend of this particular season as well and he wouldn’t let it get passed without contributing a fresh track to celebrate the upcoming summer months.
CAFÉ BRASIL invites you to let go off the daily grind, to peel your winter clothes off and get up at 6am to put a towel onto the deckchair at your hotel pool. If you’re not from Germany then forget about the towel and the deckchair thing, just enjoy your recliner.
Nevermind – Alex Torres aka Croatia Squad took a few days off between his heavy touring schedule and locked himself into his Swiss studio to produce this uplifting future anthem. Convincing with latin guitar licks, a catchy guitar solo, some hard knocking signature future house beats and just the right amount of epic female vocals, this track will make you feel good and will not let you down. Let’s get the summer started! Are you ready?

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