2018 is in full fledge and we’re excited to introduce one of our newest artists, Sky Keller. A native of Connecticut, Keller is now living in Los Angeles and is presenting her exciting new single, “Don’t Get It”.
“Don’t Get It” is an introspective pop gem. Reflective and powerful, the lyrics expose an inner battle of being victim to someone else’s power and the ambiguity of not knowing where you stand in your relationship. The emotional nature of the song is juxtaposed by an entrancing dance beat that gets your body swaying and keeps you moving.
“Don’t Get It” produced by Danny Garibay (Justin Tranter, The Ceremonies) and co-written by Alma Goodman is an exploration of love’s confusing nature. Captivating and alluring, Keller hooks you with her sultry vocals. In the vein of indie-pop artists like NVDES and Ella Vos, Sky’s “Don’t Get It” is bound to make waves in the indie-pop world.

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SKY KELLER – Dont Get It