With Lights, RMR not only tried to give the lightbulb industry a boost, they also made a song that resonated very well with some of their colleagues. So well, that they asked the guys if they were interested in handing in official remixes. And while Italian duo Ragerz contacted them through email, Oliver Twizt actually lives near RMR and his remix got set up while doing grocery shopping. We’re pretty sure they didn’t only exchange stems, but also some vegan recipes.

Anyway, two remixes, that both elevate the original song to a different level. While Oliver Twizt fuels his remix with a relentless tempo & rhythm that drips with Future House vibes, the Ragerz give the original a jumpy EDM feel. Energetic, electric and worthy of your playlist. Sorry, we couldn’t come up with a third word that started with an ‘E’. But you’ll love these remixes.

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RMR – Lights (Oliver Twizt Remix)