With a background in opera and classical music, Rayvin strays from her formal training with the release of her dark-alt pop track, ” Tyler Durden .” Inspiring us with this cinematic sound, Rayvin has certainly found her stride.

A sexiness in Rayvin’s voice adds to the celestial and ambient soundscape of ” Tyler Durden. ” While seamlessly mixing dramatic synths and dark influences in this track, Rayvin quickly enamors you with her siren call. “Tyler Durden” is mysterious and electrifying, and written while exploring the freedom the open road provided her. Rayvin explains, “It’s about a relationship with someone who I personified as my own personal Tyler Durden, and how he brought me back to life after a really difficult series of events, how we defied societal norms together, and how badly I wanted to heal and be beautiful for him.”

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Rayvin Moon – Tyler Durden