Swedish RnB group Newtimers have revealed their new single ‘Game Over’, released via Cosmos Music.

Newtimers are Andreas Brutton Cavaco (vocals) and Tim Lundblad (drums and production). The duo have been working together since 2004, writing multiple singles for other artists. They are masters of shadow play, rarely appearing in the spotlight themselves. One of Sweden’s biggest newspapers once called them “The band everyone’s heard but never seen”

They released their debut EP as Newtimers in 2015, and the single ‘She’s A Gun’ has clocked up nearly 6 million streams on YouTube. Their irresistible cocktail of RnB, slick 80s pop, and soul has earned them an army of fans longing for a debut album.

Game Over is a song about beautiful surfaces and realising there’s not always very much underneath, as the band explain: “We were both dating models around the same time, both of them living for the lens and all that’s portrayed in pictures. We didn’t fit into the frame and neither did they actually, all you really saw was ego. Fakeness got real. We broke up. And it resulted in Game Over”

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Newtimers – Game Over (C&G Mix)