Swedish house sensation Nause, is back with the summer banger ‘Perfect Crime’, featuring Daniel Gidlund (‘Made Of’) on vocals.

With this new track, the Swedish Grammy Award winner, heads back to his musical roots.
“With ‘Perfect Crime’ i wanted to produce an old school Nause track with focus on strong vocals and big chords. Progressive house at its fullest. I’m so happy to finally release this after spending so much time in the studio with it, i love this one!”

While grounded in the Swedish house sound, ‘Perfect Crime’ resonates with an uplifting power that will surely see it emerge as a mainstay of playlists across the globe, following his other hits such as ‘Dynamite’, ‘Hungry Hearts’ and ‘Made Of’. ‘Dynamite’ alone has reached more than 120 million streams on Spotify and peaked at #20 at the US Radio Charts. Jacob Criborn a.k.a. Nause has spent the last two years touring the world. A few months ago he barricaded himself in the Nause studio, and out came this big house track, released on his own label NaMU Recordings. ‘Perfect Crime’ is co-written with Leonard Scheja, Benjamin Ingrosso and Hampus Lindvall.




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Nause – Perfect Crime (ft Daniel Gidlund)