French musician and producer NASAYA releases emotive new single “Snow” on Majestic Casual. Featuring the elusive Myra, “Snow” is a poignant, subtle offering, following on from the groovy “Milk”.

Both students at Berklee, the pair wrote ‘Snow’ during a snow day in Boston in February. Created through an amalgamation of random sound and texture recordings, “Snow” came about as a “kind of a ‘happy mistake’ because we originally didn’t plan to write a song”, says NASAYA.

The track boasts detailed sound design, blending a number of experimental textures together to create a dark/melancholic atmosphere which nonetheless teems with life.

“The lyrics have a strong emphasis on the feeling of nostalgia – they are about being in a relationship and hiding things from each other, which inevitably leads to hurting each other wishing you could take back all your mistakes”- Myra.

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NASAYA – Snow (ft. Myra)