Catchy melodies, red-hot vocals that share a story, and carefully crafted production are the keys to every one of MØØD’s tracks and his notable monthly album releases. On his upcoming album, The MØØD Life Vol. 1; MØØD flirts with Hip-Hop/Rap, Electronic, and Punk-Rock styles with “#WeUpHere” – and according to exclusive listeners – this one seems to be ridiculously simple yet so catchy you can’t get it out of your head for days…

“I consider myself more as a ‘Storyteller’ than a ‘Producer-Singer-Songwriter’ or something like that. Whether it’s through the lyrics or the instruments, I’m always sharing a story about whats going on in real life and that’s where everything comes from. To me, sharing an amazing story is the greatest skill anyone can ever possess.”

Similar to prolific and rounded-out artists such as Russ, Calvin Harris, and Kanye West; MØØD considers the ability to not only write and sing on each of his tracks but also produce each of his own beats.

“I don’t really get how someone could just drop 3-4 albums in his or her lifetime and then just stop after ‘making it’. I’ve always admired the guys who kept going and going bigger and bigger until the day they died. Walt Disney was still working on Disneyland when he peaced out; Steve Jobs was continuing to create new iPhones and products; Sinatra continued performing; I had tickets to Michael Jackson’s concert when he peaced out, and look at Jay-Z, he just got 8 Grammy nominations. I love what he said during that interview, ‘This is Forever, I’m playing forever’. I don’t think I could’ve said it better myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m f*%king PUMPED about the album I’m dropping in a week; but can you imagine how dope the album I drop in 10 years is gonna be?! Goosebumps…”

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MOOD – #WeUpHere (feat. Aamir)