Berlin disco animals Ducks! have reimagined Luckless’ shyly hopeful single ‘So Talk’ as an end-of-the-party hug on a Balearic Island dance floor. The remix zooms in on small details of the original, isolating and rearranging reverb tails and stray syllables into a dizzy dreamscape. Lyrical snippets “spinning circles” and “intersecting with you” describe the treatment of Luckless’ voice itself — a few phrases are looped, swooping in and out, overlapping and forming new relationships.
So Talk (Ducks! Spinning Circles remix) is reminiscent of early 90s indie remixes in both style and approach, the combination of melancholy guitars and shuffling beats recalls the The Cure’s ‘Mixed Up’, or Andrew Weatherall’s take on My Bloody Valentine; with the same bittersweet mood.
This is the first collaborative effort to be released by Ducks! and Luckless, but there are more to come. Luckless will feature on the third Ducks! album ‘Do It Again’, due out in 2018, and the output of the trio’s frequent ‘Duckless’ sessions will merge their respective moody and party-infused aural aesthetics into something new.

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Luckless – So Talk (Ducks! Spinning Circles remix)