Electronic dance music has given rise to a plethora of exceptional subgenres. One of the strongest
musical genres to emerge from EDM is techno music. Luca Draccar, a well-known Techno artist,
has elevated the genre’s rhythmic majesty to new heights. With his exceptional artistry, he has
finally released his highly awaited EDM banger “Soul Grabber” on popular streaming platforms,
causing a stir in the industry. The EP retains a consistent rhythmic flow thanks to masterful
harmonic patterns.

Luca Draccar, a gifted music artist, developed a strong interest in music-making at a young age
after getting his first Macintosh computer. The melodic structure of EDM music captivated him
and unlocked the door to a whole new world in front of him. He gains much of his knowledge from
his own life experiences and emotions. As a result, his music is very authentic, forming a strong
mental bond with the audience.

Luca Draccar’s production skills are unrivaled, as exhibited by the five-track EP “Soul Grabber” –
which evokes a wide range of emotional and nostalgic feelings in the audience. The strong bass
tone, combined with the dynamic pad and spectacular beats, results in a symphony of absolute
perfection. The poised rhythmic structure creates a mystery that invites listeners to interpret in
any way they see fit.

The artist, who has an exceptional ear for EDM music and other eclectic melodies, has ensured to
lift the bar higher with his exceptional success in the new soundscape and proves himself as one
of the greatest in the current techno scene. The artist demonstrates his exceptional abilities with
each new release, and the new EP exemplifies his ability to capture attention even with a
psychedelic cocktail of deep flavors.

Photos provided by @simona.minamalmag

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucadraccar/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DraccarLuca/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5D4cdVgjT4jAN2IDrV7mVe
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/de/artist/luca-draccar/1419658478

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Get A Stellar Dose of Techno Music With Luca Draccar’s Latest EP “Soul Grabber”