Coming out through Universal Music Germany on July 28h is a glorious new remix from award-winning Russian trio Swanky Tunes. The expressive pop ballad “Geisha” from Milan hailing, NYC based artist Rose Villain has been given a grinding rework and a completely fresh feel thanks to Swanky Tunes, who are renowned for their uplifting, anthemic production style. The group put a funky twist on “Geisha” and laces the tune with chopped up trap and dance stylings. Rose Villain’s immediately striking vocals are still at the forefront of this electronic edit, and bold instrumentation provides bouncing riffs and surging new melodies. With the highly impressive production quality we are used to from Swanky Tunes on offer, this “Geisha” remix will be a sure-fire summer sound!

Click here to listen it now!

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Rose Villain – Geisha (Swanky Tunes Remix)