A mythical Island, King Arthur and Eva Simons. Surely there must be a connection between those three, right? Sure thing. They all come together on Eva her new single. Not that she became a knight overnight, but she is going to take you to Avalon, a place of legend. And now finally blessed with a proper soundtrack. Together with Noisia Eva has made a song that feels like a grand departure and a logical continuation at the same time. You’re still enjoying her amazing vocal performance, but this time on a Future Bass infused Pop track. One that also has some roots in Trap music.
After the genre defying sound of ‘Guaya’, this is another piece of evidence of why Eva is one of the biggest and unique names in music. And one hell of a tourguide.
Eva Simons states: “I love trying out new sounds and I think a lot of artists are scared to do so, so they just go with what is popular right now.

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Eva Simons – Avalon