New York duo Crush Club release “My Man”, featuring explosive vocals by touring mate Nicki B The Vagabond released on UK dance label Another Rhythm and Australian dance hit machine Tinted Records. The uplifting track showcases what the band does best – bouncy bass lines topped with fierce diva vocals.

Crush Club about “My Man”: “Lyrically “My Man” is about having the power. It’s the feeling of knowing what you’re worth and what you need, and directly asking for it. It’s so easy to play games when it comes to love, so it feels refreshing to just say “fuck it” and state what you’re looking for and what you require from a romantic partner. The call and response in the choruses are meant to pump the listener up and hopefully give them the confidence to know their worth and go get their man (or woman or gender non-conforming partner etc…)” – TC Milan

“Sampling soul and disco is an integral process to some of the greatest dance tracks. In Crush Club, we try to reverse the process by creating our own soul track, and then chop it up to use as a base layer in the production. We were referencing some early 70’s funk soul drums and bass sounds, and recreating the production of that magical era is always difficult, which took some patience. With some vintage cymbals, snare and a wonderful Horner Beatles style violin bass, we found the sound we were looking for.” – Le Chev

“My Man” comes after a string of wild dance tracks such as “We Dance” (Supermini Remix), which BBC1 Radio’s Annie Mac instantly titled a “Hottest Record in The World”. A classic in the same celebratory vein as Indeep’s “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life,” “We Dance” pays homage to the life-affirming qualities of the dance floor: We dance, we make the club our home / We chant all night to free our souls / We dance!


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Crush Club – My Man (Edit)