Parisian producer Clement Bazin has just announced his debut album ‘Everything Matters’ set for release April 27th 2018 on Nowadays Records (Fakear, La Fine Equipe )
Bazin crafts warm electronic music and his new single ‘Romeo’ is the first track to be revealed from the album which perfectly showcases Bazin’s R&B rhythms, obsessive voice distortions and infectious melodies all built around a steelpan.
In his own words Bazin describes ‘Romeo’ as being about, ‘A track evoking a romantic break up, which both parties know was ultimately the right thing to do. It’s “Romeo” without Juliet and then “Romeo” after Juliet. ‘

Bazin started playing the steelpan at only 12-years old. Whilst he enjoyed (like most of his school friends) listening to 90’s hip hop, Bazin also began listening to Calypso and playing in huge steelpan orchestras playing music from the West Indies like ompas, zouk and salsa. After leaving high school he studied at a French Music academy learning orchestral arrangement, jazz harmony and improvisation whilst continuing to play in various bands and gigs, always with his trademark steelpan. During this time Bazin even graced the lofty heights of working in MacDonald’s to support his music career.
In 2012, after several years of making tracks in his home studio whilst working as a session musician, ‘always with my steel drum’, Bazin got his first break and released his debut EP ‘Inner Voices’ on a small DIY label whilst working as a session musician for well-known French singer ‘Woodkid’.
However, it wasn’t until 2016 , with the release of his first EP on Nowadays records called ‘Return To Forever’, that Bazin began to get really noticed. The EP combined his unique steelpan sound with exotic textures and subtle soul excursions which instantly connected with key French media like Les Inrocks , Tsugi and Radio Nova. The EP’s lead single ‘With You’ achieved over 8-million Spotify plays.
Since 2016, Bazin has also released another EP ‘US’ and now combines over 20 million-streams on Spotify. Bazin has also procured remixes for Calypso Rose, Fakear, Fyfe & Petit Biscuit whilst touring his unique steelpan show internationally. Live shows include appearing with Fakear and Petit Biscuit whilst also appearing in the UK and at various international festivals including the Montreal Festival in Canada.

Clement Bazin will be touring live internationally in 2018 and will be performing in the UK, including The Great Escape. Dates to be announced shortly.

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Clement Bazin – Romeo