Today, successful Danish pop act Christopher, releases atmospheric music video for new single ‘Bad’ via Warner Denmark. Shot in the iconic Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen.

The artist was discovered in 2011 having posted an acoustic version of Robyn’s ‘call your girlfriend’ online. Since then, Christopher has gone on to become a platinum selling artist in Denmark. ‘Bad’ the first single to follow a short hiatus from the limelight, while Christopher worked tirelessly behind the scenes, producing new material.
Speaking about the track Christopher said “The song is about a poisonous love romance between a couple, who, despite the pain they both know that they inflict on each other, they just cannot be apart from each other.

Written during a spectacular snow storm in Stockholm by Christopher himself, in collaboration with the songwriter Alexander Tiderbrink and Finnish producer Lenno, it was just a couple of hours into the Stockholm studio session and Christopher knew he needed to complete the track in one sitting. Christopher explained “I could feel the energy and the potential of “Bad” from to offset – I couldn’t allow myself to stop the creative process, so I insisted, we just needed to stay on it without disturbance, totally focus and see where the song could be taken.”

The result is an up-tempo pop-smash, with strong soul references and a powerful vocal performance, it shows a more developed and mature version of this established pop star is emerging.

Christopher has amassed over 700 million streams worldwide and his 3 album releases and 15 official singles all sold either gold or platinum. Having become one of the biggest Danish pop musicians of his time, with sold-out shows, multiple awards and recognitions and some of the largest brand partnership deals in Denmark, the artist is now ready to share his music with new audiences.

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Christopher – Bad