Ethereal synths grow in the background as R&B influences and sparse production join in, setting the soundscape for “The Boatman.” “The Boatman” is the beginning point of the exploration of impermanence throughout Eulogy. Inspired by the Greek mythological figure Charon, who ferries the souls of the dead to the underworld, “The Boatman” is a metaphor for the gray area between life and death, and symbolizes the transition to the afterlife.

Fauna adds, “It is also inspired by a fatal hit and run that I witnessed on my block in Brooklyn last year. It’s lyrics describe the moment of this event: the stunned bystanders, the blaring sirens, and the sobering reminder of our own fragility. It’s about seeing death unexpectedly and what that does to the mind and spirit.”

This moment was the catalyst for the Eulogy EP. Fauna embraces fear and fragility while breaking down walls in this EP.

Fauna’s “Something Human” won the attention of tastemakers like POPMUZIKwho calls it, “a good-looking 80’s fragrant pop song that gives me some Peter Gabriel feel.”

“You cast a lonely shadow” echoes as dreamy synths grow in the background. Sounding and feeling like something much bigger than us as individuals, “Something Human,” touches on a feeling you can’t quite describe in words. “I don’t need much, just need something human,” is an existential cry for connection and understanding. Fauna’s vocals reverberate over a simple beat and catchy guitar melody and leave you hanging on his every word.

Since beginning his project in January of 2017 Fauna has released five acclaimed singles and has been featured in publications such as Billboard, NYLON, Idolator, EARMILK, and more.

His forthcoming debut EP was recorded entirely at his home apartment in Brooklyn and was mixed at various studios across the five boroughs, including the prestigious Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan. The EP was inspired by Fauna’s experience witnessing a death on his street in early 2017. It explores the necessity for transcendental human connection and how difficult it can be to find.

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