Really fresh and summery remix from Boye & Sigvardt (recently signed to BIG BEAT records). Askling’s amazing voice still shines through.

The power and sensitive strength of Asklings voice is captivating and memorable.

This has led the only 17 year old singer to some groundbreaking support. Her second single It’s You feat. underground rapper Gavin has just about reached 2 mio streams on Spotify leaving her at almost 400.000 monthly listerners.

Askling is now working on some hot Scandinavian features as well as her own material and she is looking forward to releasing new songs in the coming months.

The Boye & Sigvardt remix brings a summery vipe to it and leaves it more carefree than the original.

Boye & Sigvardt has recently signed with US label BIG BEAT records. A big step for the two young Danish DJs.

Askling is playing festivals this summer and will also be joining Gavin for some of his gigs.

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Askling: It’s You (Boye & Sigvardt remix)